Saturday, October 26, 2013

SAP Kernel 7.21 ext, improves SAP system performance upto 20%

With every SAP kernel upgrade, SAP tries to improve with standard compiler functionality which optimizes executable s and libraries based on static code analysis. But in recent times SAP tries to include some features called Performance Guided Optimization (PGO), so that each SAP kernel upgrade improves performance of customers SAP system as well. This PGO technology basically works in windows environment.

Customer can expect upto 20% performance gain with this PGO technology. This technology shows its benefits in quires where CPU is used more.

SAP start to deliver this PGO technology with the 721 EXT 64 bit Unicode kernel (at least patch level 100).

The 721 EXT kernel is a fully downward compatible kernel and can be used instead of the 700, 710, 701, 711 and 720 kernel, including the EXT versions.

Because of the below mentioned features in kernel 721 ext version we have performance gain in AIX, Windows environment .
•    Improved performance on IBM AIX due to new optimization technology in build process
•    More efficient implementation of TCP/IP communication on AIX (pollset vs. poll) with improved performance and better scalability
•    Performance Guided Technology in the build process on Windows

In short, this SAP Kernel version have so many features which particularly boost up your OS environment, and which by default increase the performance of your application(SAP).

So if you are in windows environment and in less kernel patch level, upgrade to 721 EXT and enjoy the performance gain :)

SAP Kernel upgrade in UNIX environment

The SAP Kernel is a set of executable files that provide the ability for SAP to run at the Unix level, including startup and shutdown, and control and functionality of work processes.  SAP frequently publishes updated versions of the kernel, which must be applied in order to maintain proper support expectations from SAP.

You find the latest versions of kernels in Service Market place ( To download the latest patch you should have a valid S user details with you.

First choose the kernel as per bit version, whether its 32 bit or 64 bit

Later choose your kernel version

Choose your OS version

Download the latest kernel patch from SMP
There are 2 files to be downloaded from SMP:
a) Database Independent Files
This is of the nomenclature SAPEXE_<Patch level>-<release date>.SAR

b) Database Dependent files
his is of the nomenclature SAPEXEDB_<Patch level>-<release date>.SAR

Stop all application servers and then CI,DB instance

 Now check your SAPOSCOL, if its running status then just stop it.

 Cleaning the shared memory with the help of cleanipc command

Check if any other process is currently running in the system via command "ps -ef | grep <SID>"

Now take backup of your old kernel. Now take the new kernel files which you download from SMP place it in the exe folder (/sapmnt/<SID>/exe) . Important here is that all the files have executable rights and having owner as <SID>adm :sapsys

Switch to root for post kernel upgrade adjustment

Change the directory to /sapmnt/<SID>/exe and then execute the script

Now startup your sap system

Now check whether all services are up and running by running command ps -eaf | grep dw | grep <SID>

Check out all Java services up and running by command ps -eaf | grep jlaunch | grep <SID>

If you are running with a oracle database just check all the Oracle services up and running by command ps -eaf | grep ora | grep <SID>

Now if everything up and running you have a successful upgradation of your SAP kernel. You can check the latest kernel version in system -> status .